Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Maui Condos vacation rental experts
Andrea and Jill Thomas

Who are you, Maui Condos?
We are a family business consisting of Jill and Andrea Thomas, and our experience with Maui condos and vacation rentals market began in 1985. Our family moved to Maui in 1977 and we lived there for almost a quarter of a century. Both of Andrea’s daughters grew up on Maui. Our sense of adventure and exploration has taken us to every nook and cranny on the island, and we know the ʻāina better than some locals.

Who do you work for?
We work for YOU! At Maui Condos, we are not a large management company trying to fill our own rooms. We are not a faceless internet company. We have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive. We enjoy what we do. We think of ourselves as accommodation matchmakers. You can trust us.

How much are your services?
Our services are free to our clients – all you’ll have to pay for is the accommodation. However, we like to say, “our expertise is priceless.” A lot of thought, understating and time goes into understanding your vacation needs to match you up with the right property when your inquiry comes in. Your happiness in finding the perfect Maui vacation home is our #1 priority. About our free services: While our expertise and knowledge is priceless, our compensation is taken care of by the vendors.

What exactly do you do?
RECOMMENDATIONS & BOOKING: After receiving your inquiry form, Jill responds within 24 hours with suggestions for the best properties to match your desires. When you choose your preference, Jill makes the reservation for you, receives a small deposit and manages your reservation. Final payment is usually due in 30 days from arrival/check-in date.
HELP ON YOUR TRIP: If you need help during your stay, we provide it. We go to bat for our clients if there’s an issue. You are never left stranded should a problem arise; you will have access to Jill’s main telephone number and email, which she checks all day.

Why do people use your services instead of booking on their own?
People are overwhelmed by the options for booking a Maui vacation condo and we save them time, while also helping ensure they book the best Maui accommodations for their budget and desires. Maui Condos simplifies your Maui vacation planning process. Click the link below for more reasons:

10 Reasons to Book with Us!

What prices are the Maui vacation rentals we can choose from?
Condos range from $150 to $1,000 USD per night. Homes start at $650 per night. Resorts start at $350 per night.

Do you own the condos?
No, we are not property owners or managers though we do have experience owning condos in Maui.

Where do you get your inventory from?
After over two decades of finding Maui vacation homes and condos for our guests, we at Maui Condos have sifted through all the management companies and have identified the top notch vendors. 20+ years and thousands of reservations later, you find out who delivers and who does not. We use the guys who deliver.

How many accommodations in Maui do you work directly with?
About 25-30 condos in Kihei / Wailea and 35-40 in West Maui. We can also book any hotel in Maui — and at many Maui resorts and hotels, we get special amenities for our guests during their stay.

What makes your vendors top notch?
Both the quality of the rooms they offer and the integrity of their service during our guests’ stay. They, like us, want to help create your ideal vacation.

What if we don’t like our Maui accommodations?
Our vendors will move you into a place that meets your satisfaction.

What are your thoughts about the large internet sites? Many claim to offer big discounts on Maui vacation rentals.
Try reaching someone on the phone to take care of your needs, requests or problems if you have any once you get to the island. The complaints and horror stories we hear about these companies are endless. Our opinion? The aggravation is not worth the savings.

How do you know what conditions the condos are in that you are offering?

  • We visit often to do property inspections so we can be sure that we are certain of the quality of Maui vacation homes and condo rentals we offer.
  • We only work with companies that have the highest standards and we are in direct contact with them on a daily basis.
  • The high volume business we provide to our vendors gives us special priority status and access to their best rooms and rental deals.
  • We follow-up with our clients to get feedback because we care about your experience and want to be sure your Maui dream vacation was just that.

Why should we trust you?
Because Maui Condos wants what you want – the best accommodations possible for your budget. We pride ourselves on our reputation. We are a family business. Most of our business is repeat and referrals because people have learned to trust us.

Do you have references?
About an arm’s worth length. And better than that – we have yards of repeat guests. Check our testimonials page to read guest comments.

How long have you been doing this?
Jill has over 10 years of experience. Together, Jill and Andrea have operated the business for about 3 decades. Andrea has been a licensed realtor on Maui and formerly owned 5 oceanfront condos. Jill starting working with her mom in early 2003, before baby Jayden arrived.

How much is the deposit?
Usually $400 but it varies from property to property.

How is the deposit paid?
By credit card.

When is final payment due?
Usually 30 to 45 days prior to arrival. Again, it differs from property to property and time of year.

Will my personal info be sold for telemarketing?
Absolutely not – Never! We can’t stand those organizations as much as you!

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