Insiders guide to Maui

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IMG 1711So many times Jill and are asked what we suggest doing on Maui.

Here is how we spend our time and what we suggest for you. 

About a mile from the airport is Costco. They have outstanding local produce – papayas and pineapples. Do not pass up pineapple while on Maui. You have never had anything like it- ever! The fish is fresh and outrageous. Local fish is not fishy flavored- that comes from old fish and cold water fish. So do get some fish. I don’t eat meat so I’m not certain if they carry local meat but if they do- try it! Shopping here will save you a small fortune compared to the rip offs you will find a any of the island markets. Stock up on cereal, bread, stuff for sandwiches, drinks, wine and rum for sunset watching, cheese, crackers – also for sunsets. Eggs, sunscreen (no need to schlep from home), coffee, coffee whitener, etc. You get the picture. 

Maui also has a Whole Foods. I seek out WF if I’m in the bay area, or NYC, but I have not been to the one on Maui!! I like to go from the airport to my condo  - stopping at Costco. On Dairy Rd. – the road from the airport to Kihei, Wailea and Kaanapali, there is a natural store that I enjoy ‘Down to Earth’ and it’s on the right side – the side you are traveling on. They have a nice salad bar and I stop there on my way off Maui for a sandwich to take on the plane. Don’t get a drink – you can’t get it thru security. 

Most condos come equipped with at least salt and pepper and sugar but some housekeepers clean the kitchens out of everything. Grab some packets somewhere and take to the condo to be safe. 

Kihei has Hawaii Moons so I get my grub in there if I don’t want a sitdown meal. They are pricey but most things are on Maui. Sticker shock is something I got over years ago after living there almost 25 years. 

So after you have all this together, here are my suggestions – and Jill agrees:

Water activities are best done in the morning since the trade winds can come up in the afternoon -however, November – April is non -trade wind months…

Bring binoculars to see whales and dolphins closer up..

The area south of Wailea and Makena is specialExplore Makena Cove and Makena Landing – good snorkeling and kayakingSnorkel in front of the Prince Hotel – Turtle Town

Walk and explore Big Beach. It’s a challenging place for swimming but it’s magnificient

Don’t leave valuables in your car – that is the first place the kids look – trunk and glove box..

Check out if you will be on Maui during a full moon and head up to the Haleakala Crater – give yourself a couple of hours to get up there..I’d go into the round info building, look at all the info, and watch the sun set and the full moon’s a special event…bring warm clothes

Hike Hosmers Grove in the Crater

Hike into the Crater – bring lots of water…it’s mesmerizing going down and a quick decent. Be ready for the steep climb up. And the air is very thin – 10,000 feet up you are..

Enjoy lunch at Mama’s Fish House – Tell Jody Andrea & Jill say ‘hi’..she is the beautiful Hawaiian hostess…

Watch the k
ite surfers and big wave surfers at Hookipa..just past Mama’s Fish House…

Explore Paia,  Makawao town and Olinda’s roads…

Take a day and go to Hana and follow the road all the way around…Stop at all the little towns and the arboretum… and Keanae 

Hawaii Moons natural food store in Kihei…and Stella Blues for decent food and low prices..

Yelp things…

Sit at the beach and watch the sunset each night – from a different spot! 

Get up early and walk the beach and watch the sunrise over Haleakala…

Drive the north shore, past Kaanapali, Kapalua, and just keep going…all the way around..

Spend time in Iao Valley….Head up and bear left and follow the trail thru the jungle….go as far up as you can…it’s unreal…

I’d love comments on these so please post your favorites and let’s let the world hear about how to get the most out of this incredible island…